Second half of the year apple fans are definitely waiting for Apple to announce as many as three new iPhones for different tastes and of course different prices. Rumors about three new iPhones have surfaced for the internet for a long time as the competition seems to have been seriously understood and hijacked Apple in this way of publishing so Xiaomi has released three variants of the Mi8, Huawei 3 variants of P20, and we expect Samsung to announce Galaxy S10 in three variants.

iPhone 9 – it will also be the cheapest of three models. We expect the device with a 6.1″ LCD screen that will only have one rear camera without bokeh mode. The rumored starting price of the iPhone 9 may be $700, and according to sources this variant will come in different colors.

iPhone X (2018) – upgrade to existing iPhone X expected with new chipset, RAM and with several new features, all of which will come at a supposedly lower price than the predecessor. It is expected that the iPhone X (2018) will be sold at an initial $900 price.

iPhone 9 Plus – this device is expected to really deserve its subtitle plus as it speaks of the 6.5″ AMOLED display with the best specifications and starting $1,000 price tag.



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