The middle is June, which in the development circles can only mean one – it’s time for the new edition of Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference, which has brought us a lot of news about the software side of Apple’s empire this year.

Apple has introduced iOS 12, and have been praised with a large percentage of satisfied users, as well as with a 50% share of users who regularly switch to new versions of iOS in the first week after their launch.

Of the specific novelties brought by iOS 12, there are – among other things – a new file format for working with augmented reality projects, with Pixar’s collaboration with Apple, as well as several new options in the Photos application.

In addition, iOS 12 will also offer something smarter to Siri, which in combination with the new Shortcuts application should now be even more useful.

In the end, it is worth highlighting MeMoji, a new Animoji option that will allow users to create animated emoji based on them themselves.

On the other hand, the new version of macOS, full name of macOS Mojave, provides support for Dark Mode in Apple’s applications, Desktop Stacks option for grouping different types of files into special collections, as well as a new way to view files in Finder, called Gallery.

Of the other novelties worth mentioning, there are also new Screenshots options similar to that of the iPhone, as well as support for quick and easy recording of video files and GIFs.

And for the end of the story of the new macOS, user privacy remains, which Apple promises to keep it better than before – both when surfing the web, and when using different applications on the computer itself.


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