The President of South Korea (Republic of Korea) is on an official visit to India for several reasons. In addition to all official business and meetings, Moon Jae will also visit the official opening of the largest Samsung smartphone factory in Noida near Delhi. Samsung opens a factory that covers an area of ​​141,000 square feet, with the purpose of increasing the production of Samsung smartphones in India for a whopping 50%.

The new plant is part of the $700 mil. Samsung extension and is positioned on the site of an old factory that produced refrigerators and televisions while smartphones joined production in 2007. Before opening the Noidi factory, Samsung produced 67 million smartphones in India most of which was produced in their second Indian center in Tamil Nadu in the very south of India. Samsung plans to increase production to as many as 120 million units annually and within three years of new factory operation and to succeed, it plans to employ 5,000 new workers.

Samsung India has stated that the multiple increase in demand for Samsung’s smartphones in India has resulted in the opening of this huge factory which, given the current market situation, is not exactly accurate. Although Samsung is still one of the most popular brands in the sphere of smartphones in India, it is currently struggling with chinese Xiaomi for the first time, whose devices attract more and more users at a low price.


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