We could already read about the various rumors surrounding this highly anticipated device earlier this week. Due to the lack of official confirmation and more reliable sources, we did not “hype” this to a very desirable phone. Namely, Xiaomi announced that it will be on July 24, 2018. in Spain to hold a “Global Launch Event” that is expected to reveal new products. Although Xiaomi does not claim that Xiaomi Mi A2 will be officially present at that time, we have very much reason to believe that this is true.

One reason is that the time to reveal this model is quite appropriate considering the previous releases to the older devices market, and the other is that Xiaomi had a limited number of lucky users limited by the end of the previous month using the Mi community access to the phone in Madrid before the official announcement.

If you are concerned about why lovers of Xiaomi devices are so passionate about Mi A2, the answer is hidden in several items. From a hardware point of view, Mi A2 is almost (if not completely) identical to a device already on the market, which is the Xiaomi Mi 6X. This means we expect a 18:9 display, Snapdragon 660, 4 or 6 GB of RAM, 32/64/128 GB of internal memory and a pair of dual rear cameras. The hardware itself is solid, but the users of Mi A2 are most interested in the software. Namely, Mi 6X is nice to some people, but some people hate MIUI, while Mi A2 will run stock Android that will work on that hardware very quickly, smoothly and without any bloatware. A2 is part of the Android One program that, along with the stock Android, guarantees both fast and long-lasting updates.

If Xiaomi officially announces Mi A2 in 12 days, we expect to see the it on the market for two weeks after the show.


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