After Facebook collecting information about users (who partially deserved it by not reading everything they agreed), it was obvious that the whole technology world would turn to protecting the greatest good of today, and that is information. Since Facebook is exactly the one caught up in some unfair and unacceptable practices about collecting information about people, it seems that Facebook is doing its best to comply with EU standards. Namely, in the European Union, according to the “The General Data Protection Regulation”, which was adopted two years ago, and entered into force on May 25, 2018. In order to respect the transitional period, all companies must allow the user to download their own information that they have collected about it.

Facebook has already released a toolkit on the market that allows users to download their Facebook information collected on the social network Instagram and from today you can do it on WhatsApp if you are using the beta version. It is interesting to note that Facebook first respected EU laws on two applications where it collects a relatively small amount of information if we consider the Facebook and Messenger application that starts with just countless permissions (open, hidden) literally digging our lives.


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