Xiaomi has not yet revealed the long-awaited successors of very popular models such as Mi Max 2, Mi A1 and Mi Mix 2S, and surely some sort of event is coming soon, as the successor images of all these devices have appeared on the internet. We are happy to see that Xiaomi will only cover these different new models in different batches with different price segments, and they will become even better.

Today we finally got a photo of the new Xiaomi Mi Max 3 model, which confirmed the new design that Xiaomi has been “awkward” since this year with two rear cameras and a fingerprint sensor left on the back. The back cover (photographed both inside and out) reveals what we had hoped for, a huge battery that would allegedly have a capacity of as high as 5400mAh, combined with effective chip (Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 or a Snapdragon 710 Pro variant) could bring autonomy we have not seen since the “stupid” times of the phone. Discovering the Mi Max 3 and Max 3 Pro models is hoping this month, and may even be released to the market during the current month.

The second photo revealed to us the alleged Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, which ultimately accomplished what Xiaomi really did and began (more precisely popularized). This time, unlike previous versions, Mi Mix 3 should supposedly bring equally tight (almost non-existent) frames on all sides, which is not surprising if we take into account that their fellow colleges have already set records in that respect and they are attracting public attentio . Unfortunately, it does not show where the front camera with the required sensors is located in the photo, but we do not suspect that Xiaomi, if this photo is confirmed, will accompany the trend of moving parts in smartphones. In any case, flagship smart phones look even nicer, but handling them is harder because of these trends.


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