HTC, long ago, along with Samsung was the alpha and omega of Android world, and before that, the Windows Mobile. If we are to be honest culmination, we have reached the very beginnings of Android when they introduced the first Google Nexus smartphone and the legendary HTC Desire. It’s been back in 2010 and since then HTC is gently going downstairs. No subsequent flagship left the impression of the “ultimate” despite the fact that there were certain positive periods. If things were worse than we thought, it showed the sale of half of the mobile department to Google by the end of last year for $1.1 billion. This gave HTC the financial injection needed to continue with the business, but it seemed to have come to an order for additional cuts.

HTC fires 22% of the workforce

HTC currently has 6450 workers, but this figure will soon be drastically reduced. The company will fire a total of 1,500 workers in factories in Taiwan, accounting for about 22% of the workforce. The goal is, of course, cutting costs and further optimizing the production process. Namely, the mobile department and VR department will now be connected to one. This will allow the administration to think about the future instead of possible savings. Something tells us that there will not be a lot of quiet sleep in the board members. HTC is still losing money despite the critically well-received HTC U12+ and the successful success of the VIVE Pro VR headset. If HTC plans to focus on VR in the future, it is a little to say that they are a lot of risk because it is obvious that this technology is far from reaching the masses – what is high cost, doing (still) inadequate technology due to the lack of simplicity and of course the quality AAA content.

So far, it has always seemed that HTC’s mobile department will survive thanks to their enormous experience and will ultimately find the way out of this bad situation. Now it looks like it’s just a matter of time when HTC announces its withdrawal from the world of mobile phones. How many cuts should a company do before they say “Game Over”?


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