And while iPhone users were listening to their favorite podcasts for some time in Apple’s Podcast application, everyone in the pocket wearing Android phones had to choose between third-party applications and listen to podcasts in Google Play Music. However, now there will be another application – Google Podcasts.

As expected, Google Podcasts offer easy access to a huge database of podcasts – more precisely, a base of more than two million – as well as a podcast for synchronizing listened podcasts on various devices and Google services, including Google Assistant and Home Smart Speakers.

In addition, Google has announced that the application will become richer in several months based on artificial intelligence in the coming months. It will touch users, for example. offer the ability to read what is waiting for them in the upcoming episode in an automatically generated transcript before they can listen to the podcast, but also offer quick access to additional materials related to the content of the episode they just listened to.

Google Podcasts are available exclusively on Android for now, but they have confirmed from the company that they are planning to offer the app to iOS devices owners in the foreseeable future.


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